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The Taylor Cup    Champions
2002 WCHL Taylor Cup

(5 times)

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Captain B.J. McPherson
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The San Diego Gulls of the East Coast Hockey League are the FIVE time Taylor Cup Champions. The Gulls play their home games at the San Diego Sport Arena and have a loyal and vocal following.

I was a season ticket holder and hockey filled the void between football and baseball and added a level of passion and excitement not instilled by the other sports. If YOU have never attended a hockey game, you've got to check it out!!!  Call for ticket specials at 619.224.4625.  We are now retired and living in North Texas, we are currently season ticket holders for the Fort Worth Brahmas of the Central Hockey League.


They are in their eighth year and won the League Championship five times. They deserve your support. Check out the Gulls Web Site at

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Blind RefThe GULLS can win IN SPITE OF the ECHL Referees!!!

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Sandy Gull

10.  Keeps telling the Goal Judge to "Get Ready!".
9.  Mask is painted like Malibu Barbie.
8.  On the net, with his squeeze bottle is a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
7.  Wearing Magooesque glasses over his mask.
6.  You find him in a fetal position in the corner of the net.
5.  Ice level microphone keeps picking up sounds of him praying.
4.  He's wearing a virtual reality mask.
3.  Keeps using his big stick to kill bugs on the ice.
2.  Technique in stopping breakaways: Fakes seizures.
1. Tries not to get hit by the puck!!!

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