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1962 Frank Buncom 1960 Emil Karas 1960 Bob Laraba 1961 Jacque MacKinnon
Frank Buncom
Inducted Posthumously 1976
Linebacker, 1962-67
Emil Karas
Inducted Posthumously 1976
Linebacker, 1960-64, 66
Bob Laraba
Inducted Posthumously 1976
Linebacker, 1960-61
Jacque MacKinnon
Inducted Posthumously 1976
Tight End, 1961-69
Lance "Bambi" Alworth
Inducted 1977
Pro Football Hall of Fame 1978
Wide Receiver, 1962-70
Ron Mix
Inducted 1978
Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979
Tackle, 1960-69
Paul Lowe
Inducted 1979
Running Back, 1960-68
Barron Hilton
Inducted 1980
Majority Owner, 1960-66
Keith Lincoln
Inducted 1980
Running Back, 1961-66, 68
Ernie Ladd
Inducted 1981
Defensive Tackle, 1961-65
Walt Sweeney
Inducted 1981
Guard, 1963-73
John Hadl
Inducted 1983
Quarterback, 1962-72
Chuck Allen
Inducted 1984
Linebacker, 1961-69
Gary Garrison
Inducted 1985
Wide Receiver, 1966-76
Sid Gillman
Inducted 1985
Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983
Head Coach, 1960-69, 71
Earl Faison
Inducted 1986
Defensive End, 1961-66
Dan Fouts
Inducted 1993
Pro Football Hall of Fame 1993
Quarterback, 1973-87
Charlie Joiner
Inducted 1993
Pro Football Hall of Fame 1996
Wide Receiver, 1976-86
Don Coryell
Inducted 1994
Head Coach, 1978-86
Speedy Duncan
Inducted 1995
Cornerback, 1964-70
Russ Washington
Inducted 1995
Tackle, 1968-82
Kellen Winslow
Inducted 1995
Pro Football Hall of Fame 1995
Tight End, 1979-87
George Pernicano
Inducted 1996
Minority Owner, 1961-Present
Rolf Benirschke
Inducted 1997
Kicker, 1977-86
Gill Byrd
Inducted 1998
Cornerback, 1983-92
Gary "Big Hands" Johnson
Inducted 1999
Defensive Lineman, 1975-84
Doug Wilkerson
Inducted 2000
Offensive Lineman, 1971-84
Wes Chandler
Inducted 2001
Wide Receiver, 1981-87
Stan Humphries
Inducted 2002
Quarterback, 1992-96
Bobby Ross
Inducted 2002
Head Coach, 1992-96
Louie Kelcher
Inducted 2003
Defensive Tackle, 1975-83
Donnie Macek
Inducted 2004
Guard/Center, 1976-89


Chargers Animated Lightening

Ed White
Inducted 2004
Guard, 1978-85

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