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I have been operating this fan site since 1988 at my own expense.  Supporting the Chargers and bashing the Raiders on a worldwide basis is a labor of love.  It is for this reason that I decided long ago, not to add any sort of paid pop-up ads, flashing commercial banners, or anything else to take away from the primary focus of the fan.  

Unfortunately, as this site continues to grow, the associated costs of hosting and maintaining it also continues to grow. 

If you love this site, as many emails indicate, you would probably be willing to buy me a beer or share a hamburger from your tailgate party.  Since we can not meet face-to-face and exchange these small gestures of appreciation, a monetary donation serves the same purpose.

This site is NOT closing down.  This page isn't to "save the site" in so many words, but simply to ask fellow Charger fans and/or Raider Haters to help contribute to the site.  If you like this site and you want to help out, this is the best way.

Donations are handled through PayPal.  Below is a "Make a Donation" Button for you to click.  This will bring you to the SECURE PayPal donation page where you can either log in with a PayPal account, or make a new account to donate with.  After sending in the donation, I will receive a notification of your contribution, and you will receive a receipt from PayPal

Within 2-3 days, I will add your name to a new Contributors Page, along with your comments, if any.  If you do NOT want to be added to the Contributions Page, just say so in the donation comments section.

If you do not want to utilize PayPal for your donation, feel free to send cash, check, or money order.  If you choose this method of donating, send me an email saying so and I will send you the correct mailing address.

The amount of money you donate is completely up to you!  Any size contribution is welcome and appreciated.


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