The High School Years of 1961

See what you remember about our wonderful High School days in Farmington.
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1) What was the name of the girl that drove a 1955 Thunderbird with a Landau hardtop? (No- not the one in American Grafitti, the one at FHS from the Class of '61).
2) Michael's Drive-in was on the East end, with the Dairy Queen in the middle; what was the name of the turn-around point on the West end when dragging Main?
3) Who sponsored the street-parking lot dances at the Piggly Wiggly parking lot?
4) Which inside dance site was THE most popular to attend?
5) What was the holiday involved in the prank that was our excuse for the FIRST school walkout?
6) Why was it called Cherry Hills?
7) What was the site of the heartbreaking loss in the State Football Championship game?
8) Who had the largest stolen hubcaps stash in the whole State of New Mexico?
9) Who selected the winner of the Miss Scorpion contest?
10) When the Class of 1961 graduated, what was the population of Farmington?
11) BONUS QUESTION: What were the call numbers (on the dial) for KWYK Radion Station?

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